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Licensed and Insured

Westchester Wildlife - Nuisance Animal Removal for Bronxville, NY

If you’re dealing with troublesome wildlife on your property in Bronxville, New York, don’t fret. Westchester Wildlife is here to assist you. We are a comprehensive wildlife removal company proudly serving the Bronxville area and its surroundings, including Westchester County, NY, Dutchess County, NY, Putnam County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT. Our services encompass professional nuisance wildlife removal, wildlife repair, animal damage exclusion, dead animal location, carcass removal, and animal clearance certificates.

Westchester Wildlife, LLC is fully licensed, insured, environmentally conscious, and committed to adhering to all state regulations. We are equipped to handle a variety of wildlife issues, whether it’s bats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks, snakes, rats, opossums, groundhogs, or other unwanted critters.

Professional Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services in Bronxville, New York

Westchester Wildlife conducts thorough inspections to identify the specific animal-related problems and determine the most effective removal methods. We also provide recommendations for preventing these animals from re-entering your property. For instance, birds tend to nest in dryer and exhaust vents, while squirrels and bats exploit poorly screened gable vents. Mice, rats, and snakes can find their way through gaps in the foundation or corner channels of homes. Exclusion involves installing the necessary barriers to keep animals out.

Our services cover a wide range of wildlife, including:

Animal in Attic Removal in Bronxville, NY

Bat Removal, Exclusion in Bronxville, NY

Beaver Removal  in Bronxville, NY

Bee Removal Specialists in Bronxville, NY

Bird Removal  in Bronxville, NY

Chipmunk Removal in Bronxville, NY

Coyote Removal  in Bronxville, NY

Deer Removal in Bronxville, NY

Fox Removal in Bronxville, NY

Groundhog Removal in Bronxville, NY

Mice Removal in Bronxville, NY

Mole Removal in Bronxville, NY

Muskrat Removal in Bronxville, NY

Pigeon Removal in Bronxville, NY

Raccoon Removal in Bronxville, NY

Rat Removal in Bronxville, NY

Shrew Removal in Bronxville, NY

Skunk Removal in Bronxville, NY

Snake Removal in Bronxville, NY

Sparrow Removal in Bronxville, NY

Squirrel Removal in Bronxville, NY

Starling Removal in Bronxville, NY

Wasp Removal  in Bronxville, NY

Woodchuck Removal  in Bronxville, NY

Wildlife Repair in Bronxville, New York, Animal Damage Exclusion in Bronxville, New York

Wildlife Exclusion – or Animal Proofing – is the process of preventing animals from gaining access to your home in the first place or ensuring they cannot return once removed. Please note that we do not engage in animal rehabilitation.

Repairing and fortifying entry points is a crucial aspect of our Integrated Pest Management. With each building inspection for exclusion, you will receive a written estimate for the necessary damage repairs and exclusion measures. All entry points within your property are carefully identified and effectively sealed, offering reliable protection against rodents, bats, raccoons, snakes, birds, and other unwanted animals.

No matter what type of urban wildlife has taken up residence in your Bronxville home, whether it’s your attic, roof soffits, church steeple, crawl space, basement, barn, or shed, we can safely remove the animals and ensure they do not re-enter your property.

Dead Animal Location in Bronxville, New York, Carcass Removal in Bronxville, New York

If you detect a strong odor and suspect a dead animal in your Bronxville home or business, Westchester Wildlife is ready to locate and remove the deceased animal, followed by thorough disinfection of the affected area.

In the case of a dead animal found outdoors, it should undergo a thorough examination for signs of illness and be appropriately removed and disposed of. Leaving it unattended will initiate the decomposition process, potentially leading to a maggot infestation and an unpleasant odor, not to mention the attraction of vermin and potential diseases. If a deceased animal is within a structure, the issue becomes more pressing, as the odor can permeate your indoor space.

Westchester Wildlife will efficiently locate and remove the deceased animal and take steps to disinfect the affected area, eliminating the odor. It is equally crucial to inspect your home or business to identify how the animal gained access and implement the necessary measures to prevent future problems.

Animal Clearance Certificate in Bronxville, New York

Animal Clearance Certificate – If a property inspector has recently uncovered evidence of nuisance wildlife activity in a home you are selling or buying in Bronxville, Westchester Wildlife is at your service. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection, remove the animals, seal entry points, carry out damage repairs, complete exclusion work, and provide you with an animal clearance certificate upon job completion.

If you are in the process of selling or buying a home in the New York area and an inspector has noted signs of animal presence, Westchester Wildlife will conduct a thorough inspection. If an animal problem is identified, we will take the necessary steps to remove it, seal entry points, repair any damage, and complete the exclusion work. Once the job is finished, you will receive an animal clearance certificate.

Please note that Westchester Wildlife specializes in animal and bee-related conflicts and does not offer standard termite or pest control services.

Animal in Attic Removal in Bronxville, New York

Are you hearing the unsettling sounds of scratching or stomping emanating from your attic in Bronxville, New York? Have you noticed holes in your soffit or gable vent, or observed animals entering/exiting through these openings? It’s possible that you have unwanted visitors in your attic. Various creatures, including raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and bats, can find their way into your attic space. These animals can damage insulation and contaminate it with urine and feces, often necessitating the removal and replacement of insulation. Westchester Wildlife is here to safeguard your Bronxville attic from these critters. Call us today at (800) 273-6673 for professional animal in attic removal.

Bat Removal, Exclusion in Bronxville, New York

Do you suspect you have bats residing in your Bronxville home or attic? Bats can inflict damage to your property, transmit bat mites and rabies, and the copious amounts of guano, or bat droppings, they leave behind in your attic can release spores that cause the respiratory fungal infection histoplasmosis. Westchester Wildlife, under the leadership of owner Jim Driesacker, has introduced humane bat removal and exclusion products such as the Batcone and Pro-cone, which have been industry-tested and proven effective for both residential and commercial properties. If you’re facing a bat issue in your Bronxville attic, trust the expertise of Westchester Wildlife.

Beaver Removal in Bronxville, New York

Are beavers drawn to the presence of running water on your Bronxville property? Beavers are a protected species, and according to Section 11-505 of the “Fish and Wildlife Law,” no person is allowed to disturb a beaver’s dam, house, or den without written permission from the DEC. If you’re experiencing beaver-related problems in Bronxville, contact Westchester Wildlife. We are authorized by the NYS DEC to handle permit-based issues concerning beaver-related damage.

Bee Removal Specialists in Bronxville, New York

While bees are incredibly beneficial for the environment and should be protected, there are times when bees can build nests on the siding of your Bronxville home, inside your walls, beneath your property, or on the trees, leading to conflicts. Westchester Wildlife offers safe, professional, and humane removal and relocation of bees from both residential and commercial properties. We can address honey bees as well as wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.

Bird Removal in Bronxville, New York

Do you have birds nesting inside your Bronxville home, attic, or soffit? Westchester Wildlife provides bird removal services for species such as pigeons, sparrows, woodpeckers, starlings, and other birds. Many bird species may be federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and disrupting their nests can result in fines. Always entrust bird proofing, removal, and trapping to the licensed experts at Westchester Wildlife.

Chipmunk Removal in Bronxville, New York

Chipmunks are small rodents known for burrowing under patios, stairs, retention walls, or foundations. They are also notorious for consuming flower seeds, bulbs, bird seeds, and improperly stored pet food. Contact Westchester Wildlife today for chipmunk trapping and removal in Bronxville, along with preventative measures such as sealing holes in foundation walls and screening windows and vents.

Coyote Removal in Bronxville, New York

Coyotes pose a significant threat to pets, livestock, and crops. They often seek easy prey, including cats, dogs, chickens, sheep, lambs, and calves. Coyotes can also come into conflict with dogs as they aggressively defend the area around their den sites. If you require coyote deterrents and removal in Bronxville, don’t hesitate to contact Westchester Wildlife.

Deer Removal in Bronxville, New York

Deer sightings are quite common in Bronxville, often observed on roadways or in yards. Most deer-human interactions involve deer suddenly leaping in front of cars and getting struck. However, deer can also intrude into yards, causing damage to trees and gardens and potentially spreading diseases. Deers may occasionally pass away in people’s yards. Westchester Wildlife can address dead deer removal and offer preventative measures to discourage their return.

Fox Removal in Bronxville, New York

Red foxes are frequently spotted in suburban areas like Bronxville, New York. While these red foxes play a role in controlling rodent populations, such as chipmunks, squirrels, mice, and rats, they can also pose a threat to pets like cats and small dogs. Red foxes tend to establish dens beneath structures near homes, such as decks, sheds, or barns. If you’re dealing with fox issues in Bronxville, Westchester Wildlife is here to assist with fox deterrence and trapping. Additionally, we can install preventative measures like screens and fences to discourage their return.

Groundhog Removal in Bronxville, New York

Groundhogs, those sizable rodents notorious for creating extensive burrows on properties, can weaken the ground above. Removing groundhogs is a challenging task. Repellents and poison are often ineffective, and if you block their burrows, they’ll simply dig new ones. Live trapping is the most effective approach, but even then, groundhogs are clever creatures that can be challenging to catch. For professional groundhog removal in Bronxville, turn to the experts at Westchester Wildlife. We have years of experience and know how to effectively address your groundhog problem.

Mice Removal in Bronxville, New York

Mice are common household pests that can often be found in Bronxville. Detecting their presence is relatively straightforward through chewed holes in doors, walls, and food packaging, the appearance of small grain-like droppings, and the sound of them scurrying within your walls or attic. Mice can burrow into insulation and are known to chew on the rubber covering around wiring, which can lead to potential house fires. If you’re dealing with a mice infestation in Bronxville, reach out to Westchester Wildlife today for effective mice control and exclusion.

Mole Removal in Bronxville, New York

Moles are small, ground-dwelling mammals known for burrowing in yards and gardens, resulting in disfigured lawns and gardens, damaged flower beds, uprooted grass roots, and chaos in small garden plots. You can easily identify the presence of moles by the presence of molehills, which are volcano-shaped mounds of soil created by the moles as they dig their deep tunnels.

Muskrat Removal in Bronxville, New York

Muskrats are furry, semi-aquatic rodents that emit a musky odor during mating season and while marking their territory. Avoid confronting these animals, as they can become aggressive and carry diseases like rabies. Muskrats are typically found near shallow bodies of water, such as ponds, streams, or drainage ditches. If you have shallow bodies of water on your Bronxville property attracting muskrats, contact Westchester Wildlife today for muskrat trapping and removal.

Pigeon Removal in Bronxville, New York

Pigeons are highly adaptable to urban environments and often unafraid of humans, as they associate them with food handouts. Pigeons can establish nests inside vents and drainpipes, potentially causing fire hazards through blockage. Their corrosive droppings can damage buildings, and their feathers can contaminate livestock feed and food intended for human consumption. Westchester Wildlife offers humane pigeon trapping and removal services. If a pigeon has perished on your Bronxville property or in your vents, we also provide dead pigeon removal services.

Raccoon Removal in Bronxville, New York

Raccoons are a common nuisance in Bronxville, notorious for building nests in your attic. These clever creatures will destroy soffits, tear off roof shingles, remove siding, chimney vent caps, and mushroom vent caps to gain access to your attic. Raccoons damage insulation to create their nests, and their droppings can spread raccoon roundworm. Additionally, raccoons are known to transmit rabies and canine distemper. These creatures are attracted to your home by food sources, such as unsecured trash cans and bowls of pet food left out. Reach out to Westchester Wildlife today for raccoon trapping, removal, and prevention in Bronxville.

Rat Removal in Bronxville, New York

Norway rats, large brown rats, burrow alongside building foundations, beneath woodpiles, and around gardens and fields. They can infest basements, crawl spaces, and ground floors of buildings. Roof rats, smaller black rats, prefer elevated spaces like attics, walls, false ceilings, and cabinets. Both rat species can contaminate food supplies, leave behind urine and feces, damage insulation, and gnaw holes in wooden structures. Westchester Wildlife offers rat control programs in Bronxville to protect your home from rat damage.

Shrew Removal in Bronxville, New York

Shrews are small, mouse-sized mammals resembling mice but with long snouts. While shrews generally do not have significant negative impacts and are not typically considered pests, they can be problematic when they live near dwellings. They might feed on stored foods and contaminate them with urine and feces. Moreover, they can potentially bite humans if handled improperly. If you require shrew removal in Bronxville, contact Westchester Wildlife today for shrew trapping and removal.

Skunk Removal in Bronxville, New York

Skunks, primarily nocturnal animals, might take up residence under human structures like sheds, decks, or crawl spaces, and they are also known to inhabit garages. The most significant threat skunks pose is the foul odor they can spray when feeling threatened. Skunk spray can irritate the eyes and cause gagging in some individuals. Skunks can dig underneath concrete or decks to create dens, and they might dig up yards in search of grubs to eat. Skunks are also carriers of rabies. The experienced technicians at Westchester Wildlife are trained to remove skunks from your property safely and humanely without triggering their defensive spraying behavior.

Snake Removal in Bronxville, New York

Bronxville, New York, is home to various snake species, including some non-venomous and venomous types like the Northern Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. However, the most prevalent issue with snakes in the area is the fear they often instill in people. Snakes are typically drawn to residential areas due to the presence of rodents. If you’ve encountered snakes on your property, addressing their food source with a rat control program can be highly effective in deterring them. In addition to spotting the snakes themselves, one clear indicator of their presence is finding snake skins, the excess skin they shed as they grow. For comprehensive snake control, prevention, removal, and trapping in Bronxville, turn to Westchester Wildlife.

Sparrow Removal in Bronxville, New York

House sparrows are a troublesome bird species that frequently nest in gutters and drainage pipes in Bronxville. These nests can lead to blockages, causing extensive water damage. Moreover, their nesting material can become a fire hazard when caught in dryer vents or machinery. House sparrow feces contain uric acid, which can cause structural damage to buildings and may harbor bacteria, fungal agents, and parasites, posing health risks. If you’re facing a bird infestation and need feces cleanup, or require bird removal in Bronxville, contact Westchester Wildlife today.

Squirrel Removal in Bronxville, New York

Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife species you may encounter on your Bronxville property. They often nest in the eaves of homes and can gnaw their way into your attic, where they build their nests. This activity often results in damage to insulation, posing a potential fire hazard. Squirrels are known to chew on wires and power lines, which can also lead to fires. In addition to this, they leave behind droppings and urine in the attic, potentially ruining your insulation and spreading diseases. The odor left behind often attracts more squirrels. If you have squirrels on your property in Bronxville, reach out to Westchester Wildlife for the area’s best squirrel trapping and removal service.

Starling Removal in Bronxville, New York

Starlings are a troublesome bird species known for feeding on seed grains, fruits, garbage, livestock feed, and insects. They frequently nest within soffits and cavities in open buildings. Starlings‘ droppings contain uric acid that can harm building structures, and they may harbor bacteria, fungal agents, and parasites. Westchester Wildlife’s licensed and insured wildlife technicians can safely remove the starling problem from your Bronxville property and prevent their return.

Wasp Removal in Bronxville, New York

Wasps are stinging insects that form hives, and unlike some bee species, they have the ability to sting repeatedly. When attacked or killed, wasps can release a pheromone into the air that signals other wasps in the area to swarm. Wasp stings are notably painful and can even trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. It’s crucial to avoid attempting to remove wasp nests yourself and instead leave this task to the professionals at Westchester Wildlife.

Woodchuck Removal in Bronxville, New York

Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are sizable rodents closely related to squirrels. They have a penchant for consuming a wide variety of garden vegetables, often putting them in conflict with homeowners in Bronxville. Woodchucks are burrowing animals that create extensive underground tunnels, often beneath homes and sheds. They are clever and challenging to trap, so if you’re dealing with woodchucks on your Bronxville property, reach out to Westchester Wildlife today for expert assistance.