Common Snake Species in New York State

New York Snakes: Garter Snake

It could be a common belief amongst many people that snakes are a feared species. Of the 17 species known in New York State, these scaly, legless, carnivorous creatures have an esteemed purpose to our habitat. Snakes are also another part of our wildlife chain that can be found around our homes seeking food, shelter or mates.  Also addressed are the reasons you may find snakes in your home, problems they can cause and how Westchester Wildlife LLC can assist in Snake Removal.

New York’s most common snake is the garter snake. Like all snakes, they are carnivores. They can be seen as a valued creature for their ability to kill insect pests and rodents. Garter snakes are known to feed on slugs, leeches, lizards, frog eggs, and toads. These snakes can be found in an array of habitats such as woodlands, fields, marshes, and yards. Garter snakes may reach up to two feet in length but are usually smaller. Their colors and patterns can vary but most often recognized as dark brown or green with three yellowish stripes on their sides and back. Garter snakes are harmless to people. It is likely most snakes will hide and retreat when approached but can strike at large prey and threatening humans.

New York Snakes: Black Rat Snake

The longest snake in New York is the Black Rat Snake, reaching six feet in length. These non-venomous, constrictor snakes are mostly black patterned with white and grey. They are typically found in wooded areas (near barns, farmyards, cool, dark places) and feed primarily on rodents and birds. These snakes have the impressive ability to attack their prey by coiling small animals by means of constriction. Black Rat Snakes are known to hatch their eggs in late summer. Recent studies have shown that this species may in fact possess a small amount of venom. However, still pose no threat to humans.

Snakes Removal From Your Home:

You may encounter Garter or Black Rat Snakes around or in your home for the main reason that they are seeking food and shelter. Snakes can come into houses during sudden weather changes especially when temperatures drop and they seek a warm place. If the space and food are desirable, they will return. It is important to seal openings that are accessible at ground level. For example, water pipes, electrical outlets, gas/oil pipes, windows and doors should be properly sealed.

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