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The House Mouse: Behavior and Traits

The “house mouse” belongs to the rodent family. They commonly dwell in close distance to humans. These small, furry mammals adapt in a variety of environmental conditions and can be found seeking residence (especially in colder months) in homes, commercial structures, and open fields.

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Skunks & Raccoons: Behaviors and Seasonal Lawn Damage

Skunks are widely recognized for their unique black and white striped markings and foul odor they can leave behind. Their notorious defensive mechanism is to spray when threatened.

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Dead Animal Removal Services

The Important Service of Dead Animal Carcass Removal.

It may sound like the punch line to a tasteless joke, but dead animal removal service is no laughing matter. If you’re a homeowner and have ever had to deal with the stench and frustrating foulness of a dead animal rotting in

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