Dead Animal Removal Services

The Important Service of Dead Animal Carcass Removal.

It may sound like the punch line to a tasteless joke, but dead animal removal service is no laughing matter. If you’re a homeowner and have ever had to deal with the stench and frustrating foulness of a dead animal rotting in your yard, or somewhere in the woods that you could precisely locate, then you know how repugnant the odor can be. And how long it can last. Life and death occur all around us and while, for the most part, wild animals tend to die far away from human contact, or human noses, that doesn’t always happen.

From deer to mice, dead animals can create problems that go beyond the smell

Dead animals that are not tended to or taken care of can pose a risk of disease and illness to people, both children and adults. Dead animals attract insects that feed on it, and then carry bacteria that grows on the decaying carcass away to other places, such as inside your home. When the dead animal is inside the walls of your home, then it can be a strong indicator that you have an infestation, such as that of mice, and can pose the more unenviable task of trying to retrieve it without causing significant damage to the walls, or to any other structural part of the house.

Westchester Wildlife has been removing dead animal carcasses for more than two decades and that means we are experienced in the entire process. There are processes and procedures that need to be followed in New York State with regard to the removal and disposal of dead animals from property. We follow all current guidelines and regulations, so you can rest assured that the dead animals in your home or around your property are tended to legally and ethically