Woodpecker Control: Trapping, Removal, and Prevention

Getting Rid of Woodpeckers is a Challenge:

Woodpeckers are solitary and anti-social creatures. They have a strong ecological impact that help trees stay healthy and protected from mass infestations.

However, their behaviors can cause damage to your home or other properties and the sheer, incessant noise of hammering can be quite a nuisance. There are several challenges that arise when it comes to removing woodpeckers from your property. The Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects woodpeckers from being harmed when they are being controlled or moved. This is a main reason why it is imperative to call a wildlife removal expert, one who is familiar and compliant of the laws in place.

    Woodpecker Damage: Why they dig into homes

Like any other wildlife issue, damage can range from minor to significant. This applies to famous behavior trait of woodpeckers: drumming or pecking on a tree or home exterior. There are three basic reasons why woodpeckers drill holes into the sides of homes.

First, and most common, is strictly territorial. Woodpeckers drill holes into structures to mark their territory. These holes are generally small, not too deep, and are clustered together in tight spaces. This indicates to other woodpeckers that this location is already spoken for. While many people would assume that woodpeckers only drill holes into wood siding, that is a misconception. They will drill into just about any siding, including aluminum, when marking their territory. If the woodpecker has found the attic of a particular home warm, safe, and inviting, and undisturbed, then this is a prime target for woodpeckers. If you see this kind of marking of territory along the exterior of your home, then it’s time to consider getting rid of woodpeckers from your home.

Secondly, woodpeckers drill holes is for nesting. These holes will be larger than the previous holes and will lead to a comfortable nesting location. Many homes that have eves or attics, for example, may offer woodpeckers a perfect location to nest and they will drill these holes for easy and comfortable access to the interior spaces. Getting rid of woodpeckers will mean sealing off these holes, among other steps.

Lastly, woodpeckers drill holes is for foraging. Woodpeckers feast on insects and other bugs that tend to reside in wooded surfaces, such as those found in trees. If you find foraging holes in your home from woodpeckers, then that could also be a strong indicator that you have insects burrowing through the wood of your home. That is something else that would need to be taken care of as well.

    Trapping, Prevention and Removal

It is important to protect the integrity of your home. Getting rid of woodpeckers must be done with care and in conjunction with the laws that protect them.

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