When it Come to Wildlife Removal in Westchester, Know Your Wildlife

A part of an effective plan for wildlife removal in Westchester is knowing precisely what kind of creature has invaded your home. Buildings, whether they are houses or sheds or garages or even places of business, are prime targets for wildlife to infiltrate. There is warmth, dryness, and most of the time food. Animals are constantly surveying your home or place of business, looking for a way in, and when they find one, they can be challenging to get rid of.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, that is. Wildlife removal in Westchester should be done by experienced professionals, people who have been dealing with just about every kind of wildlife for more than twenty years, which is what the fine people at Westchester Wildlife have been doing.

Knowing your animals

Let’s take a moment right now to run through the list of different wildlife that cause the most problems for homeowners and business owners in the region. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it gives you an idea of the different creatures common to the area.

Bats, beavers, bees, chipmunks, coyotes, deer, geese, mice, moles, pigeons, raccoons, rats, shrews, skunks, snakes, sparrows, starlings, voles, woodchucks, and woodpeckers.

If you’re like most people living in the area, you have seen or heard almost all of these animals at one time or another. Who hasn’t heard the familiar pecking of the woodpecker? Or how about seeing the frantic flight of bats as evening draws near? Or the pesky buzz of bees or yellow jackets when you’re trying to eat your meal? Knowing the kind of animal you’re dealing with is the first step in the process of wildlife removal in Westchester.

Some creatures are in danger

Yes, it’s true. Headlines should commence now. There are a number of creatures that are in danger. Bats and honey bees are two of the most important to us humans, and we have no idea why they are sick and dying, or just disappearing. There are many theories and plausible excuses being extrapolated every week, but none of them are helping keep them from vanishing.

Do we know what will happen if the honey bees all disappeared? No, but Einstein predicted that mankind would have four more years left on this Earth is they did. Do you know the difference between honey bees and yellow jackets? If you don’t, then you will want to call in a professional to deal with a bee infestation. Not only can honey bees be safely removed from homes and relocated, their numbers can be salvaged a little as well. Honey bees are generally docile unless they feel directly threatened.

Yellow jackets, on the other hand, would just as soon sting you as pass you by. They are much more aggressive and removal is generally a permanent thing for them.

Knowing the wildlife that you are dealing with is important for you, as a homeowner, and as a passenger on this mortal rock. Wildlife removal in Westchester can be done without harming any creature and for some, that’s far more important. If you want the best experts to guide you through this removal, then call on experience. Call on Westchester Wildlife.