Are Beavers Friendly To Humans?

No matter if you live in the suburbs, in a rural area, or decide to go hiking or camping, you may encounter a beaver. Whether you become frightened or think the animal is cute, you may wonder if beavers are timid, friendly to humans, or dangerous. In short, while beavers are rarely aggressive, they are not necessarily friendly, either.


Do Beavers Like Humans Or Are They Afraid?

Beavers are wild animals and they prefer to be left alone in their natural habitat. You should not expect a beaver to walk up to you, pose quietly as you take pictures, or show other signs of friendliness.

While you will not encounter friendly beavers, they may actually be afraid of you. If you happen to be too close to a beaver, do not be surprised if he scurries away. As beavers do not like to be around people, these rodents simply want to get back to a safer environment.


Are Beavers Dangerous To Humans?

In most cases, beavers are not dangerous to people. The best way to avoid unnecessary problems with beavers is to leave them alone. Whether beavers live near your home, or you see them when you are out and about, they will generally not bother you if you do not bother them.

Are Beavers Gentle Or Aggressive Towards People?

In most instances, the answer to this question is “neither.” As beavers rarely approach humans, they are neither gentle nor aggressive. You can coexist peacefully with these animals if you keep a distance between them and yourself.

However, there are some circumstances in which beavers can become aggressive. One example is if a beaver feels threatened. If you are coming too close, and it perceives your behavior as threatening, it can react in an aggressive manner. This is why you should never corner a beaver.

A second example involves a beaver’s territorial nature. A beaver’s dam is not its home. It is a beaver’s protection against predators. There are numerous wild animals that prey on beavers, such as coyotes or foxes. The dam also ensures that beavers can access food in the wintertime.

As a dam has a purpose for beavers, it is only logical that they need to protect it. Dams are not meant for human enjoyment or entertainment. Never approach a dam out of curiosity or to take pictures, and never allow children to play near it. Otherwise, the beavers can become aggressive.

A third example is a beaver that has rabies. While rabies infections show symptoms, stay alert to behaviors that are not common in beavers. Any kind of agitated behavior is the reason for concern.

If you think a beaver may have rabies, do not get near the animal. Immediately call a wildlife control company in your area so that they can safely remove it from your property. Not only can rabies be deadly to a beaver, but it can be a life-threatening situation for you, too, if you are bitten. The same possibility applies to domestic animals. You should keep your pets away from beaver dams, and other areas where beavers are common.

Fourth, beavers can attack when they are afraid. As they are nocturnal animals, it can be as basic as disorientation during the daytime. A beaver can feel fear even when there is no other reason.


Can A Beaver Attack, Kill, Or Bite You?

Yes, beavers can bite, attack, and even kill people. Although it is not common, it is occurring more and more frequently. One reason there are more attacks is people fail to use logic. If you intrude into a beaver’s territory, do not expect a welcome response.

If you are bitten by a beaver, it can result in a dangerous infection or a serious injury. Although bites themselves are rarely fatal, at least one reported fatality has occurred. A bite severed a man’s artery, and the man bled to death. The smartest way to deal with beavers is to enjoy them from a distance.

However, a beaver will not usually attack without warning. If it is on land, it will stand on its hind legs. If it is in the water, it will slap its tail. Before it attacks a human or an animal, it will start hissing and growling. If a beaver shows any of these signs that it is preparing to attack, do not wait to see what happens. Take it as a warning to get out of the area as quickly as possible.

If you encounter a beaver on your property, get in touch with a wildlife professional who is experienced in trapping and removing wild animals. At Westchester Wildlife, we are your beaver control specialist! Contact us today if you require beaver control or removal services in Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, or Fairfield counties.