Coyotes in Suburban Areas

“When the population gets too high, you need to have a proper trapping program coming in and removing coyotes every year to lessen the chance of an incident,” said Dreisacker. “The coyote numbers aren’t going to go down, they’re just going to keep going up.”

Coyote Removal

NYS Department of Environmental Protection (NYDEC) began field work in 1949 to determine the best method for trapping Coyotes. There has been an increase of human/coyote conflict in the northeast. The suburban dwelling coyote tends to flock most commonly to areas where the deer population is high. Deer population is also on the rise. Since Sept. 2012, there has been 8 reported Coyote sightings in lower Westchester County.

Coyote behavior in suburban areas in relation to people, pets, and livestock:

According to NYDEC, only a handful of coyote attacks on humans are reported. Coyotes seem to have a diminished fear of humans, which could lead to a potentially dangerous situation. There is an unsettling nature regarding coyotes and pets. During March and April, coyotes become extremely territorial as they set up their dens for soon arriving pups. Homeowners yards become “coyote” territory. Sometimes, pets are caught in their path and preyed upon. Livestock problems associated with Coyotes in New York involve typically free-ranging chicken, sheep, or ducks. Conflicts can be deterred with proper breeding and raising of livestock.Cornell Study on Coyote Trapping:  A Special Focus on Behavior and Ecology

“Dreisacker is currently involved in a prominent Cornell study on coyote trapping, where the research is centered in the Mount Pleasant area where Dreisacker was raised. On the first night, he said he caught two coyotes in collarum traps, showing the importance of utilizing such traps in suburban terrain.”Resources:www.nycoyote.orgIf you or someone you know is needs assistance with Coyotes

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