Dealing with Wild Turkeys on Your Property

When you live in a rural or suburban home, odds are that at some point you are going to encounter wildlife that is either a nuisance or causes damage. Wild turkeys are one of these creatures that can either be a welcome addition to your neighborhood as they wander through your property, or they can be the harbingers of damage to crops, plants, or other items throughout the yard. Dealing with wild turkeys on your property must be done according to the law, and to common sense. Wild turkeys are protected by law and if you are not careful, they can be aggressive.

Use common sense when around any wild animal

Just because a creature, such as a wild turkey seems slow or approachable, doesn’t mean that they won’t attack, especially if they feel threatened. Wild turkeys are pack animals and when they feel as though they are being threatened, they can attack with their beaks, wings, talons, or simply rush you, trying to drive you back. If you are faced with wild turkeys that are causing damage or acting aggressively for any reason, then you may be able to frighten it off if you wave your arms and yell loudly. You are attempting to establish dominance, telling the bird that this is your territory.

While this technique will work much of the time, it doesn’t work all of the time and its important to keep that in mind. If the turkey continues to antagonize you, it may be best to go inside and call a professional for assistance. Wild turkeys can also be attracted to bright, reflective items, such as mirrors and windows. If your car is constantly being surrounded by wild turkeys, then you may want to park it in the garage, if possible, or cover the mirrors.

Fence in small areas that you want to protect

Perhaps you have just planted some new crops in your personal garden and want to protect them. If so, you can construct a small fence around this small area. Usually that will be enough to discourage the turkeys from having at your new vegetables or other plants, though this isn’t a surefire solution. If it’s possible, then add a netting across the top as well, as this will ensure that the turkeys won’t be able to get into the enclosure. Remember, turkeys can fly and they will do so if they really want to get at whatever is growing in that fenced off area.

Loud noises can effectively frighten off some turkeys, though they may return before long and if the noise didn’t get rid of them permanently, then it will be less likely to have an effect later on as well.

If you are having trouble dealing with wild turkeys in your back yard, around your home, or even in the neighborhood and your best efforts have been met with disappointment, then you can call on the experts at Westchester Wildlife. They have more than twenty years of experience dealing with wild turkeys and know the best methods that are humane and legal in removing wild turkeys from your property.