Dead Animal Odor Removal Services

If you have ever had to deal with the stench of a dead animal, either in your home, in the walls, crawl spaces, or attic, or somewhere around your property, such as a deer or other larger animal, then you known how foul dead animal odor can be. Far too many homeowners deal with the odor because they don’t realize that there are dead animal odor removal services available. Westchester Wildlife is one of those unique dead animal odor removal service companies that you can rely on when the need (if it ever does) arises.

Too many people ‘deal with it’ when they shouldn’t have to. When you live in the suburban or rural parts of the country, such as those in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties, for example, then you have to deal with wildlife. For the most part, wildlife adds a great deal to the environment and the scenery that we are exposed to. Whether it’s deer frolicking through the backyard, squirrels hunting and storing nuts for the winter or eagles soaring majestically through the air, wildlife brightens up life.

Yet, the inevitable conclusion to life is, of course, death, and that means sometimes those animals die close to homes and neighborhoods or, if they are small enough, such as bats, mice, and even squirrels, they die inside of the homes. The odor begins as something minor, a little annoyance, and after a day or two it builds to something more than that. You may be able to remove the dead animal yourself, of course, but the odor will linger, sometimes for days after the animal has been removed.

There’s no reason that anyone should have to merely ‘deal with’ the odor of a dead animal in or around their own. Westchester Wildlife has the expertise to remove the dead animal odor from the home as well as sanitize the surrounding areas. Did you know that an animal that dies within the home, such as in the walls or attic, has likely been living there for many months and that is generally a clear sign that there are more than one.

Dead animal odor removal is only one small aspect that can and should be dealt with at the time when you notice that foul stench. Call on the best in the business to determine if this animal was in fact just a one-time occurrence or whether there are more lurking in the walls. The last thing anyone should want to have to deal with is another dead animal odor removal only a few short weeks after the first.

Westchester Wildlife will not only handle the task of dead animal removal, but will also inspect the home and the surrounding area where the animal was found to determine if it was the only one or if more animal removal will be required. For larger animals, such as deer, that have succumbed to the elements a bit too close to home, Westchester Wildlife is also well equipped to remove the carcass as well as the odor.

Dead animal odor removal is usually not something people tend to think about until they need it. Fortunately, for people within the Westchester and surrounding counties, Westchester Wildlife knows everything there is to know about dead animal odor removal, and then some.