Groundhog or Woodchuck?

Finally got a peak of who has been digging holes in your lawn? It seems the mid sized rodent is a “groundhog” according to your google search, but your husbands search landed him on “woodchuck.” They look identical. Well, which is it?!

Both are correct. This mid sized rodent is a part of the marmot family and has gone by several names such as “groundhog”, “woodchuck”, “whistle pig” and even “land beaver.”

They have gained popularity in North America as we have trusted them with the projection of a long winter or early spring, depending on if they are willing to come out of hibernation: “Groundhog Day.”

There are 15 species of Marmot according to their region of either North America, Europe or Asia. While I can’t say how many other nicknames they have acquired across the world, you would be safe to refer to them as any of the above listed names when calling Westchester Wildlife LLC.