How To Remove Mice From Your Home

Mice Droppings and Health Awareness:

The most common problem that posed for humans is related to mice droppings. Mice have the tendency to leave droppings and urinate frequently. (Hantavirus) is a disease carried by rodents prevalent in their feces. Symptoms are common to influenza. Proper sanitary precautions should be taken to clean any infested areas. Particularly, keep kitchens and food access areas clean.

How to Remove Mice From Your Home:

Do you have signs of mice in your home? Have you seen droppings or gnawed wires? Have you heard scratching or scurry sounds coming from attic or inside your walls?

Westchester Wildlife LLC offers the most humane and best practices required by law to remove mice from your home or business of mice. We take care to screen and seal around any potential entry points. Our mouse-proofing services offer an alternative to poison and are proven to be effective.

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