Northern Flying Squirrels in Your Home


The Northern Flying squirrels will often find small openings in the corners of dormers on the home around the gutter line where drip edge may be missing. Also, in a rotted soffit area or just simply use an entrance created by a woodpecker or other animal. They will even chew their way into the attic sometimes if the wood is soft enough or water damaged. The insulation in the attic makes for perfect nesting area for the squirrels. They will also designate a toilet area where their droppings and urine can be found. These squirrels, although very cute and furry, can be a real nuisance and create several problems when they are living in the attic. One thing of major concern is that they tend to chew on things such as wires and foam covered pipes in the attic which can be a fire hazard. The other is that they use the insulation for a toilet area and nesting areas. We’ve seen the damage that can be done after years of droppings and urine accumulate and tunnels and holes are made in the insulation. This may lead to having all of the insulation in the attic replaced. Once the squirrels have taken up residence their scent will often attract other squirrels to move in.

To solve the problem a few steps must be taken. First it is important to find all the entry or possible entry points on the home. Next you’ll need a professional trapper to come and remove the animals. Once all the animals are caught all of the holes should be patched with some type of metal to insure other squirrels won’t try and move in. Once the house is sealed it is time to determine if your insulation should be replaced. If you do decide to have new insulation installed, you will find it useful in monitoring future animal activity.

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