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Presidential Raccoon
Summer Bees Continued

Types of Bees Common in Summer

It is very common to see several types of bees during spring, summer, and fall. This time of year we can expect yellow jackets and hornets to be prevalent in Westchester County and surrounding areas.

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Honey bees: Nuisance, Necessity, and What’s Happening Now

Why we need honey bees:

Honey bees are pollinators and vital to our ecosystem. They are responsible for pollinating nearly one-third of the food we eat. This is an estimated value of 15 billion per year.

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Summer Wildlife: Bats and Their Impact on the Environment

Bats are mammals whose webbed wings make them the only mammals capable of flight. These unique winged creatures have been depicted in myths and stories as vicious blood sucking mammals, generating needless fears for humankind.

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Summer Wildlife: Part One

Summer is here. Common wildlife seen this time of year in our area include: bats, honeybees, woodchucks, squirrels, and chipmunks. Each creature possesses their own unique behavior which is themed around survival instincts.

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When it Come to Wildlife Removal in Westchester, Know Your Wildlife

A part of an effective plan for wildlife removal in Westchester is knowing precisely what kind of creature has invaded your home. Buildings, whether they are houses or sheds or garages or even places of business, are prime targets for wildlife to infiltrate.

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